Your security is no joke, whether you need to protect your home, business, warehouse, school or event you must be in the know. This blog will teach you everything you need to know about hiring security guard companies and purchasing surveillance solutions. We specialize in information for New York State and NYC (Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island) residents. We also will featuring Bronx, NYC Licensed security guard companies for your convenience.


Why Hire A Security Guard Service & What To Look For

Do you find yourself thinking about hiring a security guard to protect your home or business?  Hiring professional security to protect your home or business goes far beyond taking charge of emergency situations, inspecting your residence or business property for danger, and crime prevention – hiring professional security provides you, your loved ones and/or your employees and customers with an exceptional sense of security.  Not only do you feel safe and protected, but you ultimately save money by preventing possible thefts – and if business related, you get to focus all your energy on running your business. In the interest of making certain your property is well protected it’s important to know what to look for when hiring a security guard, here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Purpose of hiring a Security Guard:

There are numerous benefits to hiring a security guard.  Fundamentally, a security guard wards off potential thieves, essentially communicating to any would-be-thief that the target they are scoping will not be an easy one.  A security guard sends a blatant message that protecting your home and or business is inherently important to the home or business owner. Security guards also provide immediate action should there be any trouble, unlike a security camera that sole purpose is to record security violations.

So, whether you are hiring a security guard to protect from theft, potential violence, or simply to send out a message that you are protecting your assets, ultimately you are providing yourself with the comfort of knowing you are safe and protected.

Experience, Training and Skills:

Should you be seeking to hire a security guard, it is highly recommended that you ask each company you are researching for documentation providing information regarding the potential guard’s experience as well as a thorough background check.  Having this information helps you make a more informed decision, as well as whether or not they will be able to provide you with the service you are seeking.

A top-notch security guard is mirrored largely by the experience, qualifications and skills he/she has acquired, such as:

Security guard license

Physically able to more/lift 100lbs

Full Criminal background check

CPR & First Aid Certification

Superior observational skills

Call under pressure

Experienced using security equipment

Substantiated history of quickly reacting to danger

The security services you retain are completely contingent upon the training the guards have received, regardless of the security company you choose to hire. Take note of any specialized training, such as vehicle patrol techniques, foot patrol training, or residential patrol training. In order to preserve a safe work environment for the patrons and employees of your business, or the loved ones in your home, security guards must be resourceful, alert and extremely observant.  

The ideal security guard for your intentions, whether your home or business, is completely dictated by the information on security background, particular personal attributes, and skills gathered during the initial stages of the hiring process.